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Clip & Still Server Thunder XL

Pinnacle Thunder XL clip and still server platform combines a powerful application with the capabilities of a still store, clip store, mixer, and DVE to deliver an enormous range of live production capability for broadcasters whose operations demand higher channel and highly scalable, mission-critical RAID 5 storage options.

Key features include:

  • Clips and stills with key in a single platform
  • Independent 3D DVE per channel for over-the shoulder layouts of clips and stills
  • Integrated database for asset management
  • Up to 4 record/playback channels each with video, key and audio
  • Scalable storage with RAID 5
  • Network import/export of standard file formats
  • Real-time transitions between clips and/or stills
  • On-air playback sequencer per channel
  • Full MOS compliance for seamless Newsroom Control System integration
  • Built-in ODBC allows external Microsoft SQL Server as central database
Image Management System Lightning 1000

The Lightning 1000 Image Management System is known worldwide as the standard of the video industry for still storage.

  • Built-in real-time 3D DVE for instant over-the-shoulder layouts and image transitions
  • Drag-and-drop of images across databases and between platforms with automatic image conversion
  • Open network capability using standard network hardware and protocols to connect to multiple platforms as well as intranet and Internet
  • Picture based database with multi-browse capability and very fast conditional searching using several image identification fields
  • Very fast image recall
  • A software based Browse using laptops and desktops for database management and general searching and sequence creating and editing
Character Generator FXDeko II

Pinnacle FXDeko II

  • Guaranteed Look with Content Independent Effects and Layout including Fit-to-Fill and Fancy Frames

  • World-class Text Capabilities Including Typing on a Curve, Skew, TrueType Font Support

  • Stunning 3D Motions by Page, Layer, Row, Word, or Character

  • Playback Clips with ClipDeko Option

  • Embedded Effects and Built-in Sequencer Macro Definition with "auto-learn" to Customize Workflow or Remove Repetitive Tasks

  • Integration to Automation Systems, Including MOS Support

  • Combine Page-based Graphics with Persistent Objects with DekoObjex Option

  • Support for Most Written Languages
Digital Video Effects DVExcel

This new four-channel 10-bit 4:4:4:4 frame-based DVE extends the award-winning DVEXtreme platform with Pinnacle System's most advanced filtering and interpolation technology ever for visually superior image quality.

  • 10-bit Multi-Channel DVE
  • Up to 4 Channels with Video and Key
  • 3 DVEs per Channel
  • Highest Image Quality
  • 16-bit, Frame-Based 4:4:4:4 Processing
  • Unique PainterlyFXtm and ParticleFXtm
  • Intersecting Planes
  • Pre-Transform Keyer
  • True Deep Defocus
  • 16x9 Compatible
  • Independent Timeline per Layer (12)
  • Independent Wipe System per Channel
  • Familiar User Interface
  • Intersecting Planes Pre-Transform Keyer
Production Switcher PDS9000

The PDS 9000 is a 36 input, 2.5 M/E Production Switcher aimed at mid-market live production, specifically news and local interest programming.

  • 2.5 M/Es: 2 powerful M/E plus a full-function PGM/PST/DSK which has all the capabilities of an M/E
  • 9 Internal full-function 3D DVEs
  • 36 Video or key inputs
  • 19 Internal four-page framestores for 76 frames of on-line storage
  • YUV color correction
  • Optional RGB color correction with full gamma, gain and pedestal control
  • 2 M/E keyers plus 2 DSK's (a total of 6) available on-air
  • Independent proc amp controls for every input
  • Familiar, intuitive interface
  • 4x3 or 16x9 operation
  • 525(NTSC) or 625(PAL) line operation
  • Compact frame size - just 6RU
Thunder SAN

Thunder SAN is a high efficient LAN storage system. To Thunder XL series customers, it provides the unlimited upgrade possibility.

Thunder SAN uses a reliable transaction-based file system, it provides a strong function that several Thunder XL can access single database at the same time. This includes the newest Thunder Features--3D DVE and bug interpolation. In addition, Thunder SAN can also support million hour mission-critical RAID5 storage¡C

With high speed network channel, it can transfer or transmit data quickly even in a standard network. This is especially usefull when transfer large files in non-linear clip system and graphics. Built-in Thunder SAN server can provide high speed data access just like a proxy server and SQL database server.

Besides, upgraded Thunder Servers are completely compatible to Thunder XL and Thunder SAN. Through Pinnacle BroadNet, Thunder SAN can provide Lightning (Still Stores) and FXDekoII (Character Generators) safety and security network storage.